Insured  and self-pay patients

At the One Stop Clinic we provide the following as standard:

  • clinical consultation and examination,
  • mammography (over 40 years and as appropriate),
  • breast ultrasound (if lump or nodularity detected),
  • needle aspiration if cyst detected (procedure code S4760),
  • core needle biopsy for areas that require a diagnosis (procedure code B3220 or XR110 if guided by ultrasound or mammography).

It is important that you pre-authorise your consultation and mammogram with your medical insurer prior to your attendance. You should advise your medical insurer that you will be having a consultation, ultrasound, biopsy and mammogram but that if any abnormality is detected by your consultant that you may require one or more of the diagnostic tests as detailed above. Please ask your medical insurer to also pre-authorise these diagnostic tests, so that, if necessary, these can be carried out at your One Stop Appointment.

There are separate charges for a clinical consultation, for medial imaging tests, hospital charges and if necessary pathology fees.

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Patients receive letters summarising their consultation as standard with a copy to their GP.